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Which job to choose? 10 elements to help you in your decision


This may seem unlikely to you, but such a situation can arise during a job search: you have received two positive responses and do not know which of the two offers to choose.

The following items will help you make a decision.

#1 The company

Do you think the company’s values ​​and philosophy match you? Can you identify with the products and services the company sells, or are you far removed from it? Is it a reputable company that could spruce up your CV ?

#2 Team spirit

You probably got to know some team members during the recruiting process. Ask yourself which team you would see yourself working well with and which one you feel is the most harmonious.

#3 Working conditions

Do you enjoy flexible working hours or are you forced to follow fixed schedules? Do you have the possibility to work in Home Office ? Do you enjoy great freedom or are you subject to strict rules?

#4 Career Opportunities

Do you want to take on more responsibility during your career? Are you offered development opportunities? Is it a position that will teach you a lot or is it a rather monotonous job?

#5 Fixed term or indefinite?

An open-ended employment contract will secure your future in the longer term than a fixed-term contract. However, it may happen that you start a job with a fixed-term contract and that, thanks to your good work, you obtain a permanent contract. You should find out if this option exists. If you want a temporary job to get to know the field or trade, then a fixed-term contract is the best solution.

#6 The journey

Ask yourself how long you will need to get to your place of work and what transport you will need to use. Is the workplace well served by public transport or is there a motorway exit nearby? Consider not only the duration, but also the costs.

#7 Salary

Salary should not be the only determining factor in choosing a job, but it obviously plays a role: are you paid fairly and sufficiently to finance your standard of living?

#8 Benefits

Does the company offer many benefits, such as free sports lessons, meals in the canteen or participation in a subscription for public transport? Does the company offer continuous training , useful for your future?

#9 Job security

Do you feel that any of the companies you should choose offer a particularly secure long-term position? Or do you rather feel like you don’t know how long your position and the company will exist? Has the company been or is it present in the media for its good or bad results? Is the company about to be acquired or restructured?

#10 Work environment

How is your position and work environment? Do you have a large office all to yourself or do you share a spacious, noisy and uncomfortable work environment?

Here’s how to choose between two job offers

If you have to choose between several job offers, look at the big picture and list the advantages and disadvantages for each one. Look at which position has the most benefits. Your friends and family can also give you advice. Give yourself plenty of time to make your choice and ask companies for a cooling off period. Indeed, it is important to choose a position in which you feel good. Finally, your feelings and your intuition also come into play: most of the decisions we make are often the right ones. So everything will be fine!


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