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How to choose between two job offers?


You have applied for several job offers, and two companies are offering to join their workforce. Cheer ! However, while receiving two job opportunities is good news, it can be a source of significant stress when it comes to making the final decision. Our Walters People experts help you decipher the offers and make the best choice.

Take your time, but not too much

“Some companies may give you up to a week to make your decision, although this largely depends on the structure and length of their recruitment process,” explains Grégory Lachmany, Director of the Finance, Accounting, Chartered Accountancy and Audit, HR and Payroll at Walters People. “When you receive several job offers, remember the passage of job interviews. During these interviews, you have certainly formed an idea of ​​the position and you may have even already imagined yourself joining the company. While it is important to take time to think about making the “right choice”, do not waste time between the interviews and your final decision at the risk of your memories being altered. This may affect your decision-making ability,” he adds.

Think long term

“When two job offers are offered to you, think about the reasons why you decided to change jobs, and about your career objectives,” advises Hélène Frasca, Senior Manager of the Banking and Insurance division at Walters People. “Don’t hesitate to plan for the long term in both companies and imagine yourself progressing in each of the positions. Ask yourself the question of what prospects for development are possible in one or the other of the companies, and do not forget that your choice must correspond as closely as possible to your professional ambitions, or even your personal projects. the expert.

Assess work-life balance

“If the balance between your professional and personal life is an important criterion for you, do not neglect this aspect when making your final decision. Think about the impact your new job will have on your daily life: ask yourself if you can work from home, if you will have to travel or if the company is not too far from your residence. These elements can be decisive in your fulfillment at work,” explains Hélène Frasca.

Don’t be blinded by the salary

“Although salary is an eminently important criterion, it should not be the only factor determining your choice when faced with two job offers. explains Grégory Lachmany. He adds: “A company certainly offers you a level of remuneration, but can also offer you other advantages, such as a good working environment and a corporate culture adapted to your values ​​or even greater responsibilities. To make your decision easier, and avoid regretting it, know how to put aside the financial aspect and focus on what drives you in each position. »

Consider corporate culture

“When you have two job offers, find out about the culture of both companies. By documenting the values ​​and customs of each of them and by asking questions during the interview, you will be able to assess whether the workplace will suit you or not,” suggests Grégory Lachmany. “Some companies are socially or even ecologically committed, others offer a work environment that is particularly conducive to well-being: do not neglect these aspects when making your decision, because it is important to feel comfortable in the workplace. of the company in which you will spend a large part of your days,” he concludes.

Trust yourself

“If you asked the right questions during the interviews and researched both the companies and the positions offered, you should be able to make an informed decision,” says Hélène Frasca. She concludes: “When you are faced with two job offers, the best advice is this: trust yourself. Your decision is not irreversible, and if you are not completely satisfied with your choice, you will certainly have other professional opportunities. While you have received two job offers at the same time, this should comfort you in the idea that your profile can attract other companies. »


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