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Coaching Kids to Write Winning-Essays in the Digital Age


You know how tough it can be to motivate kids to write a solid essay these days. With so many digital distractions, it’s hard for them to focus long enough to develop and organize their thoughts. But writing skills are as critical as ever, so how can we coach kids to craft winning essays in the digital age? In this article, I’ll share my best tips for getting kids engaged in essay writing, helping them map out and develop their key points, and leverage digital tools appropriately to research, collaborate, and produce persuasive prose. With the right approach, kids can learn to express themselves clearly on the page while navigating the digital world. I’ll walk you through strategies for coaching kids at different ages to write essays they can be proud of in today’s tech-infused landscape. Read on to pick up actionable techniques for inspiring the young writers in your life.

Teaching Effective Writing Skills in the Digital Age

Focus on Clear Communication

In today’s digital world, strong writing skills are more important than ever. Teach kids to write for a specific audience and purpose. Have them outline ideas before writing and get feedback from others. Show them how to be concise yet compelling.

Embrace Technology

Leverage tools like Google Docs for collaboration and revision. Kids can research topics online and cite digital sources. They can type essays directly on devices, so work on touch typing and digital literacy.

Teach Research Skills

Kids need to learn how to find and evaluate information from books, articles, videos, and websites like Aaron Easaw. Show them how to analyze sources for accuracy and credibility. Require them to cite sources to support key ideas. Research and writing go hand in hand.

Provide Authentic Opportunities

Have students write for real audiences about topics that interest them. Start a blog or online magazine. Share written work on social media. Submit to contests and publications. Authentic writing fuels motivation and passion.

Give Useful Feedback

Review drafts and provide constructive feedback on both content and mechanics. Discuss what’s working well and specific ways to improve. Focus on one or two priorities at a time. Follow up to ensure students apply feedback and make progress. With regular feedback and practice, kids will blossom into confident writers.

How to Coach Kids to Craft Engaging Essays

Focus on a Topic They Care About

Have your kids pick a topic they genuinely care about. Passion will make the writing process way more engaging and motivate them to craft a compelling essay. Discuss their interests and narrow down options to find a focused topic that fits the assignment.

Help Them Develop a Clear Structure

A solid structure is key to an effective essay. Work with your kids to create an outline that includes an introduction, body paragraphs that flow logically from one to the next, and a conclusion that wraps it all up. For the body, have them group related ideas and examples into separate paragraphs. A good rule of thumb is one main idea or example per paragraph.

Teach Strong Writing Techniques

Show your kids how to bring their essay to life with vivid language, specific examples, and a varied sentence structure. Explain how to open with an engaging hook, use transition words to connect ideas, and close with a memorable conclusion. Have them read their draft aloud to ensure it flows well. You can also do peer reviews to provide constructive feedback.

Proofread and Edit

Carefully proofreading and editing the essay is essential. Go over the essay with your child line by line, looking for any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. Check that the content and structure make sense. See if any sentences can be reworded for clarity or conciseness. Provide guidance on polishing the introduction and conclusion.

With your support and coaching, your kids will gain valuable skills and confidence in crafting winning essays for school and beyond. And you’ll get to witness their growth as thinkers and writers.

FAQs on Helping Students Master Essay Writing in the Digital Era

Essay writing is an essential skill, even in today’s technology-driven world. As an educator, you likely have questions about the best ways to help students develop this ability. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How can I teach essay writing when students prefer texting and social media?

While students may prefer digital communication, essay writing teaches crucial skills like developing a logical argument and communicating complex ideas. Focus on helping students see the value of essay writing by assigning topics they care about. Have them start with outlines and rough drafts before writing a full essay. Provide examples of essays on contemporary issues to spark their interest.

Should students do research online or use books?

For most essays, a mix of both online and print sources is best. Help students evaluate the credibility of online sources, looking at elements like the author’s expertise, citations of evidence, and publication date. For some assignments, limit the number of sources that can come from social media or websites like Wikipedia. Books, academic journals, and news publications can provide depth. Students should take notes and keep track of sources for their works cited page, regardless of the medium.

How can I encourage students to proofread and edit their work?

Students often see proofreading and editing as tedious, but they are integral parts of the writing process. Set clear expectations for the final draft, including minimal spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, coherent organization, and smooth transitions between ideas. Provide a rubric for students to self-assess their work. Have students ask a peer to review and provide constructive feedback. Offer extra credit for significant improvements from rough draft to final. Most of all, convey that careful editing and revising leads to a final product they can be proud of.

With your guidance and encouragement, students can build essay writing skills that will benefit them for years to come, regardless of changes in technology or communication styles. Addressing their questions and concerns, providing useful resources and examples, and helping them see the value of this timeless ability are the keys to their success.


So there you have it, folks. You’ve got the tools you need to coach your kids to write winning essays in the digital age. Remember to start early, model good writing habits yourself, get them typing and editing on screens, and encourage them to use online resources wisely. The keys are providing structure, setting goals, giving feedback, and celebrating progress. With your support, those college application essays will shine. The future is bright when our kids learn to express themselves clearly. Now get out there and start coaching – their writing journey awaits!


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