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10 tips for a quality education


The objective of education is to achieve the overall development of the person. Education thus includes many aspects such as values, behaviors, knowledge, etc.

Thus contributing to the future happiness of children, education helps determine the type of person they will become.

However, cracking down, scolding, pampering…it is not always easy to make the right decisions when it comes to educating a child. Every parent may therefore wonder at one time or another if they are on the right track to make their child a happy person who is confident in themselves and their achievements.

There is no magic formula! Education depends on different criteria such as the personality of the child and his environment.

However, it is essential to know some general guidelines for good parenting. For example, you have to learn to remain calm and ensure that you provide them with a climate of affection, trust and security.

There are many unsubstantiated myths about how children should be raised. Here are a few :

* The child should be punished a few times and a slap once in a while does not hurt him. This idea is very common but nowadays, it is really necessary to review this way of doing things which does not bring any convincing results. Children can be punished, but you should never hurt them or use physical or psychological violence against them.

* If the child has his character no matter what you can do to change it he will continue to behave in a certain way. The best you can do is try to understand your children and what motivates them . This will help you know better how to proceed with them.

* All conflicts with children are negative.. Conflict is also an opportunity for children’s development and learning. Some conflicts are positive learning experiences.

* It is best to avoid trouble and suffering to children. This is good but not always. Children must also learn to solve problems and manage to deal with them in a constructive way. By keeping them out of trouble, they will grow into an illusion and find it difficult to deal with certain situations that can have a great emotional impact on them.

10 tips for effective parenting

Affection and understanding . At all times there must be around the child an atmosphere of love and understanding. Show him your appreciation at all times. Gestures of love and affection are essential for the emotional development of children.

Discipline . Over time children learn how to behave and form their personality. It is therefore good to test them and experience what they can do. They must also know what is or is not allowed to be done.

Consistency . It is important that the educational rules also contain notions of consistency. It is necessary to ensure that there is consistency between what is said and what is done by the children; there must also be some relationship between what educators do and say. Finally, this consistency must be valid at all times.

The experience . The experience will serve to consolidate learning. It must be done with patience and firmness in order to give children peace of mind and discipline.

The example . As parents and educators, adults serve as role models for the little ones. We must take this into account and act accordingly.

Emotional education . Do not neglect the emotional education of children. For their proper development, it is essential to pay attention to social and personal skills such as self-esteem, self-control, empathy, assertiveness, etc.

Confidence … calls for confidence. Children should be allowed to do what little they can cope with the difficulties; they must learn to overcome them themselves. It is also essential that we understand that if we trust them, they will trust us back.

Communication, listening and dialogue . A good education is closely linked to effective communication.

Time and games . Spend time with your children; they will feel reassured and supported knowing that you have time for them. Take advantage of the time spent together because in childhood, play is essential and has significant benefits at any age. Games serve to strengthen emotional bonds, while providing an excellent opportunity for learning and development.

Set limits . Set clear and precise limits for your children in order to maintain a good understanding at home.


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